What is a ‘Pocket Physio’?

The ‘Pocket Physio’ is a great tool for releasing trigger points. A trigger point is an exquisite point of tenderness in a muscle which may also refer an ache to another area of the body.

Due to its’ shape the Pocket Physio is capable of getting into some parts of the body that the trigger ball is unable to. This is because the design replicates a Physiotherapist’s knuckle or thumb. For example, it is good for releasing Quadratus Lumborum which is a deep muscle in the back (see picture below for QL’s trigger points and referral patterns).

Releasing the QL using a ‘Pocket Physio’

  1. Place the flat surface of the Pocket Physio against a wall
  2. Ensure the pointy part of the Pocket Physio is against the tender point of the  muscle
  3. Once you find the point rest there for a minimum of 90 seconds until the sensation has subsided
  4.  With the Pocket Physio, you must hold it against the wall and your body must move to  find a different point

There are a lot more exercises that are available, speak to one of the Physio’s for more exercises and how it can help your specific aches!

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