Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates VS. COVID-19

With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment, you can be reassured that Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates are reacting dynamically to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 virus outbreak. Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates will remain open for as long as we are safely able to, ensuring you have the option to seek treatment from a caring Clinician team you can trust, continue to move your body and reap the benefits of remaining active in this stressful and uncertain time.

There is an understandable feeling of anxiety in the community about transmission of the virus. The studio’s are designed as a place to make you feel relaxed and improve your feeling of well-being. Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates is dedicated to ensuring the studio’s are a clean and safe space for clients to continue to attend. We are constantly updating and refining our cleaning and hygiene policies as a response to the situation, on top of our already robust cleaning and hygiene regime as a health care provider. After reviewing the most up to date information from the Australian Health and industry body recommendations there will be implementation of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Clinical Safety Policy. Most measures are already standard infection control procedures. There will, however be some additional preventative measures put in place.

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 Clinical Safety Policies include;

  • Please do not enter the Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates Clinic or Pilates Studio if you have been overseas in the last two weeks and not yet self-isolated
  • Please do not attend the Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates studio’s if you are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of the cold or flu
  • Please wash your hands immediately upon entry to Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates, using the soap provided for a minimum of 20 seconds as advised by the government. For more information about hand washing and recommended techniques, please visit https://www.who.int/gpsc/clean_hands_protection/en/
  • Please bring a CLEAN UNUSED bath or beach sized towel (ideally 2 if attending Exercise Therapy sessions) to each and every appointment of class at Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates
  • Please avoid touching your face whilst in the clinic and ensure you cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Please ensure you are wearing grip socks at every class or studio session – no grip socks, no Pilates! Grip socks are available for purchase at the studio for your convenience
  • Please assist us in encouraging contactless payments by self-swiping private health cards and paying by PayPass as much as is possible
  • The Doors, chairs and hard surfaces of the Physiotherapy clinic will be cleaned regularly around the clock
  • Upon requesting a booking, clients will be screened and asked if they have cold or flu like symptoms or have recently returned from overseas and if so, deterred from entering Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates until they have completed their 14-day self-isolation as advised by the Government.

Our new policies in the Physiotherapy Studio include;

  • The waiting area for the Physiotherapy studio will be limited to a maximum of 4 waiting clients, with space between the chairs increased in line with social distancing advice from the government. Clients are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior and are welcomed to wait outside and Reception will alert them in time for their appointment.
  • Our Physiotherapy team will wear appropriate protective equipment including gloves and masks for all hands-on treatment in the Physiotherapy studio
  • A maximum number of 4 clients in the Physiotherapy Exercise Therapy Studio will be allowed (plus physio’s) at any one time going forward in keeping with social distancing advice from the government.
  • Each piece of equipment is to be thoroughly cleaned after every use, using the disinfecting spray and hand towel provided.

Our new policies in the Reformer Pilates Studio include;

  • The waiting area for the Pilates studio will be limited to a maximum of 4 waiting clients, with space between the chairs increased in line with social distancing advice from the government. Clients are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior and are welcomed to wait outside and the Instructor will alert them when it is time to start class.
  • Please let the instructor know upon your arrival, so they can sign ​you in on the iPad instead of self sign-in on the iPad to reduce the amount of people touching the iPad
  • Please thoroughly disinfect the Reformer and props after use, using the hand towels and spray provided
  • Aerial Pilates has been cancelled until further notice due to the difficulty to sanitising the silks after each and every use to ensure the safety of our clients and instructors.
  • Instructors will no longer use tactile cues or touch form corrections in classes and instead will use verbal cues and corrections going forward in keeping with social distancing advice from the government

For more information and advice on the novel coronavirus called COVID-19 for the community in Western Australia visit https://www.wa.gov.au/government/coronavirus-covid-19.

Knowledge is the best defence, so all Physiotherapy staff have taken part in the COVID-19 Infection Control Training 30-minute online course as provided by the government, which has been provided for health care workers in all settings but essentially applies to anyone. It covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 which can be used both in business and domestic environments alike: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covid-19-infection-control-training

We will be implementing Remote Physiotherapy treatments and Video Consultations as soon as is possible;

If at any time, you are concerned about your welfare but still feel you would benefit from treatment, please contact us on 08 6110 3331. In response to this situation, we are looking to offer remote Physiotherapy treatment (including home visits) and Remote Video Consultations with our Physiotherapy team. The finer details are being confirmed at the moment and all Embody clients will be alerted to this service as soon as it is live.

These Physiotherapy sessions may be able to be claimed on your Private Health just as your visits the the clinic are, however the coverage may differ slightly. Once we have the systems in place, we will be able to better advise whether these visits are able to be claimed and the costs and rebates available to you via this service.

We will continue to remain open for as long as is safe and advisable by the Australian Government;

The implementation of the above policies and procedures enables the business to continue to operate safely and in line with our duty of care to you, our incredibly valued patients. At this time, we ask all patients and clients who do enter either of the Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates studios comply with our new regulations and help us to stop the spread! All staff members have completed the Covid-19 Infection Control Training module as

We are here for you!

We are all in this together and Embody Physiotherapy + Pilates is committed to protecting our community and staff!

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