Headaches? Don’t put up with the pain

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…It’s that time of year… That joyful season where we catch up with family and friends, eating and drinking far too much, giving and receiving gifts and enjoying the beautiful summer days! For most of us though, it is also a very busy period, where we rush around for last minute gifts, the shops and carparks are full of people, there is places to be and a long list of things to do. That’s cause enough for a headache! However, if headaches are a common occurrence in your daily life, you understand how debilitating they can be. Now might be a good time to resolve that pain. After all, you don’t want to have one of those horrible headaches whilst Christmas shopping, Jingle Bells paying on repeat!

There are many types of headaches. However, one of the most common forms of headaches are ‘tension headaches’. Just like the name suggests, these are most commonly a result of excessive tension caused by a variety of factors.  Most people ignore these headaches, accepting the pain or they take medication, which is often ineffective.  You don’t have to put up with these headaches and you shouldn’t. Physiotherapy treatment can be extremely effective in alleviating pain associated with tension type headaches. In fact, this is a common thing we treat at Embody.


Most tension headaches will be a result of the muscles in the upper back and neck being stiff.  Factors such as stress, fatigue, poor posture and looking at a computer/phone for too long are some of the contributing causes.


A common symptom for tension headaches is the feeling of pressure in the head.  Some people will experience the pain behind their eyes and particularly at the back of the head. Neck pain is a major cause of tension headaches and many people will experience a stiff and tender upper back. If you have a tension headache, it will be difficult and painful to move your neck.


Physiotherapy treatment has become one of the most prominent and successful treatment forms for alleviating tension related headaches. At your consult your Physiotherapist will assess you and determine the cause of your headache. They will assess the possibilities of why your neck may be stiff and address this. A variety of treatments will be administered depending on the individual. This may involve joint manipulation and mobilisation in the upper spine to address postural issues.  Stretching and strengthening will also be prescribed to establish long term pain relief. Another treatment may be dry needling, you can read about this here.

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