Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates can be for anyone and everyone!

Whether you are 18 or 81, the Reformer can work with your body’s needs and current ability. Reformer Pilates is a great form of strength, postural, flexibility, balance and endurance training and can be designed to target one specific area, smaller muscle groups, or as a whole-body muscular exercise, raising the heart rate and helping you break a sweat!

Many people are quite scared of the reformer when they first see it as it looks quite intimidating (almost medieval), but put any fears you may have aside because after just one or two workouts on a reformer you realise it is the most versatile and effective piece of exercise equipment ever made… and it’s great fun!

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Happy Client Words

"Great modern clinic the professional therapists treat other rehabilitation therapists due to their reputation. Thanks, Kaz you are a champion"

- KC Hyde

"I highly recommend this lovely friendly and very personable team. Thank you for working with me and for helping me to get there with no cortisone injections, I really appreciate it, the no drugs unless really necessary approach was right up my alley!"

- Kaylene Uebergang

"I have been seeing Kaz for a few sessions now and can't believe how much I have progressed. I definitely recommend Embody for all your aches and pains."

- Rob Slim Wiles

"Thanks to Kaz and Courtney I was able to run the HBF Run for a Reason. Without their expert help I would definitely not have been running this year."

- Paul Whitfield

"Nice group of people who are clearly passionate about helping people. A modern fitout premises with a coffee shop next door (which is always helpful)."

- Ross Forrester

"Karolina is professional and caring, providing a holistic service. My children and I love physio Pilates."

- Liz Frehner

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