This Pilates Obsession Membership Contract is based on a 4 week (28 days) not on a calendar month.

This Pilates Obsession Membership Contract consists of fortnightly payments of $149.50 which will be debited from a credit card or direct debit from your nominated bank account at the start of your membership period and then every 14 days from the Contract start date.

The Pilates Obsession Membership Contract has a minimum term of 4 weeks.

You have purchased a Pilates Obsession Membership Contract, entitling you to up to 20 sessions every 4 weeks from the contract start date or the date of your first session. These sessions can be used as you please over the 4 weeks following the most recent payment date.


If you cannot attend a class, please ensure you cancel so clients on the waitlist may attend. Our Cancellation Policy requires cancellation no less than 5 hours prior to commencement of the class. Classes cancelled within 5 hours of commencement will be considered a “Late Cancel” and the session will be deducted.

Classes cancelled 5 hours or more before the start of the class will not be deducted and can be rebooked at another suitable time.

No- shows will not be accepted. If you reserve a space and do not show up without contacting Embody or cancelling online, the session will be deducted.

Refunds will not be ordinarily given for Packages and Casual Session purchases; how-ever each situation will be assessed individually to ensure fairness and customer satisfaction. Sessions can be gifted to another person in the case that the original purchaser cannot use them due to physical incapacity.


Your Pilates Maintenance Membership Contract can be cancelled after the minimum term of 4 weeks. Cancellation requires two weeks’ notice from your next payment date, to be made in writing to


Your Pilates Maintenance Membership Sessions can be suspended for a period of up to 7 days for each 4-week allotment. Suspensions cannot be applied after the fact or backdated. Please email your suspension request to


Extending your sessions will be decided on a case by case basis. If you require an extension, please contact Please allow 24 hours for reply.


Your fortnightly payments may sometimes decline because of card problems, security reasons or funding issues. If this occurs, we may apply a small fee of $5.00 to your next payment to cover the costs of resolving the payment decline.


This Pilates Maintenance Membership Contract will continue to renew each 4-week period (28 days, not a calendar month) until you supply written notice to cancel.

It is your responsibility to cancel your Pilates Maintenance Membership Contract by contacting


Pilates Maintenance Membership Contract sessions are non-transferable. In the event you are unable to use your sessions due to physical incapability, please contact and a solution will be resolved on a case by case basis.


Sessions can be booked 30 days in advance.

Membership holders can book unpaid classes in advance to the extent of the sessions allowed in their membership. These unpaid classes will be balanced when the next payment is processed.


Embody Pilates Studio may close during the Christmas and Easter periods and for Public Holidays. Scheduled payments will run as normal however feel free to request an extension of your Session Period to cater for these few closures.

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